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September 14, 2011, 20:56

It's quite sad to read such things as "awaiting my phone call today and chewing my nails. I'll get CRUSHED FOR SURE... but it will be fun :)" and also about that guy feeling ASHAMED and not calling himself/herself an engineer. That's the sort of problem in Google's recruiting processes.

I have a bunch of friends working for them, spread over 3 countries (England, Switzerland and a third place I can't disclose). One of them is really good and gifted (in the sense things are just easy to him, naturally) and it seems to me he went through the full process perfectly, almost like you did, but hey he succeeded. The others to be honest are cocky and not that great, they just managed to slip in, I'm sure one of them even had no college degree when hired, which shows the ivy-league education thing is a bit misleading, at least for a position in Europe. Having said that, I can't simply see a pattern here, it looks to me their all interviews and hiring processes were randomly chosen. I'd have hired just the first guy, but you know what all the others have in common? They can be milked for days, non-stop, they're singles and now have eye circles. I'd rather work for another global company, not stricly IT-related, but have a life and don't feel "crushed" neither "ashamed" - precisely what I'm doing now.

I had an interview (phone screen, hehe) with a girl from Googleplex some years ago. I'm a Linguist and had applied for a linguistics-related position there, so I thought the interview was for that job though I have plenty of computer experience IMHO. I was wrong, disappointedly it was a SRE position, Google version of one-size-fits-all, jack-of-all-trades. We thanked each other's time and I let it go. Btw, I didn't feel I was well prepared anyway.

Then I got another call from a guy also working at Googleplex. This time they contacted me first, I didn't do anything, they probably got my freaking old resume in there and wanted to give it another shot. For a SRE position, again. But this time I was already aware of the overkilling hiring processes and went like "That would be great, ok, I see, thanks a lot, ok, you know what? Let me send you my resume again and just tell me if I fit in, otherwise both of us will waste time and get upset due to the overrated expectation".

It was the best thing I've done. The guy seemed to love this objective approach, so I can only assume even to recruiters the process sounds overkill sometimes.

I'd love to work for Google, gee, I have friends in there, it would be super cool. But I've got a family, I like to sleep 7h a night and to only meet cocky people when I really want to, I don't want to be put down by "top-notch" hiring process that a quick search on Google (!) shows it frequently makes people feel depressed, not happy. What I really wanted to tell the guy was "I know I may not be the coolest kind on the block and that you think too much of yourselves like that 6th grade blond girl I loved when kid, so hey, nevermind, I'm staying with this chubby brunette". It was a good massage at my ego to know they took time to call me anyway, for that I'm grateful :-)

Best of luck, and don't focus on "getting a job on Google" but "doing what I do best, eventually it turns out awesome" instead :-)

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