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rahul kumar Permalink
January 23, 2010, 12:34

Dear Peter,

I've been using this a lot but it has not been able to get the title since the source now has a newline after < title >.

I've made a small change to my file to get it to work with title.

  else if (match($0, /VIDEO_TITLE': '([^']+)'/, matches)) {
            ## lets try to get the title of the video from html tag which is
            ## less likely a subject to future html design changes
            INFO["title"] = matches[1]
            printf " ----> GOT title: %s\n\n", INFO["title"]

Before this i tried catching the text between the h1 tags but it seems it never gets those lines.

Now its working fine. Perhaps, you could look into this and make a fresh version.

Thanks a lot. rahul.

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