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February 19, 2010, 19:20

Matt, thanks for noticing the typo. Gonna fix it.

Tommy, I can only think of lambda calculus that, if I understand correctly, uses Y-combinator to recurse.

Bluestorm, I am also familiar with Y! (Y-bang) combinator (from The Seasoned Schemer book). But I am not exactly sure how it's different from Y-combinator. I am still thinking about it. The derivation is similar to Y-combinator's but it's a bit different. The book says that it works the same as Y-combinator but then gives an example which Y-combinator processes but Y! combinator goes into an infinite loop. And thanks for the in-depth comment!

I wrote the Y! out when I was reading that chapter. I posted the code here: (define Y-bang ...) and example where Y-bang fails, but Y works.

Bruce, nice explanation! Thanks for sharing!

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