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June 22, 2011, 00:45

We've been talking on IRC before, Peter, so I won't tell anything new to you now, just congrats again for releasing your first book. :) But I want to write something for your visitors.

You must be aware that creating book is not such an easy thing. Those who are "creating" them in Word or LibreOffice Writer (for some publishers DOC/RTF is a common medium for interaction with authors) may be sometimes fooled. And on top of it, (La)TeX is not the easiest tool (and language) ever created, but it's still a really good and useful tool, that helps you to focus on writing, at least when you know it at acceptable level. I'm using LaTeX like ~8 years already (obviously not everyday though) and I am not proficient in it, because there is always something to learn. Moreover, I still haven't wrote and released any real book yet!

Peter learned LaTeX (from 0!) enough to write a book within a month, which is quite a nice achievements. Surely it's not a mistake-free one, can be improved, etc. But there are always these early steps that must be done before proper walking (and sometimes unfortunately even running, which is rather bad, because creating books is the art and hastiness usually ruins the effect).

So don't be harsh on him even if you find some mistakes there. Errare humanum est, but per aspera ad astra!

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June 23, 2011, 22:16

Thank you sir!

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