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December 04, 2008, 22:11

Saying that I didn't have enough experience was just a polite, generic answer.

How much more experience do I need? :)

I've 6+ years of experience in like 5 companies. My CV is 2+ pages cause I can't fit it all on 1 page. I've written publications, created tools, websites, worked as a whitehat, created rootkits undetectable by AVs (for pentesting), done low level Linux kernel hacking, reimplemented algorithms in assembly for speedup, worked as a sysadmin at an ISP where I converted the whole ISP from Windows to Slackware (at age of 17!), setup AS44105, IPS and IDS systems, ISDN dialup server, mail servers (and wrote a sendmail milter spam filter in c), web servers, logging servers, implemented traffic shaping and accounting, built servers from scratch, solved client problems, did networking, routers, switches, actual network installations, created a tiny linux from scratch distribution (based on Slackware) that fits on 32MB flash for use on routers (and also 1MB distribution that fits on a floppy for fun), created two huge projects for security companies, created a self-installing Linux distribution for one of security companies, contributed to open source projects, written automation software, written my own IRC client and IRC bots, written WinAmp plugins, scrapers, and tons more.

I just created and open sourced Picurls, Reddit River, Reddit Media, Digpicz, Reddit Top, Hacker Top, and a bunch more programs and webapps in the last 12 months.

Digpicz got 100,000+ visitors in less than 24 hours and I scaled it on a $9.95 shared hosting.

I'm one of world's top Brainbench certificate holders and hold 49 Brainbench certificates in pretty much every computing area. I hold one of top positions in world's general linux certification leaderboard with a score 4.91/5.00. Here a few of certificates they sent me: brainbench-certificates.jpg

I've written articles and tutorials that get hundreds of thousands of views:

The Definitive Guide to Bash Command Line History

Working Productively in Bash (vi mode)

Working Productively in Bash (emacs mode)

Just look at all these articles and projects I've created in 2007 and 2008 alone since I stared this blog (and I've been going at it since I was a kid!) (2007 archive) (2008 archive)

My blog got over a MILLION visitors and nearly 2 million page views this year: (Two Years of Blogging)

On top of that I graduated top of the class and I speak 4 languages, and I've been hugest Google's evangelist.

Before I got hired the word spread that I was interviewing for Google and I turned down all offers (some of them 1.5x google's rate):

Saying I didn't have enough experience is just funny. I'll just keep building awesome things. :)

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