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December 08, 2009, 15:27

You need to write something large. Small things don’t really teach you anything. Write something large, hard, something that will need to be maintained, deployed for real.

There is no benefit in writing something "Large".

What you really want is to write something flexible, and usable, and modular, and package it in such a way that people depend on it for future projects like we currently depend on many many many libraries in Linux.

Rewriting lots of your githubbed stuff to CPAN Modules would be beneficial for this, as well as writing comprehensive test suites for those modules and uploading them to CPAN. This gives you the responsibility of code maintenance, as people will report bugs they find, expect them to be fixed. People will submit patches. CPAN Tests will also fail (not might, *WILL*, I'm certian of it, its a constant battle to make them go away ), and you might decide to try gaming Kwalitee. And your code becomes useful on many more platforms to many more people as a result.

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