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January 08, 2010, 14:54


class DetectionError(Exception):

NameError: global name 'DetectError' is not defined

    def detect(self, message):
        Given a 'message' detects its language.
        Returns Language object.

        message = quote_plus(message)
        real_url = LanguageDetector.detect_url % { 'message': message }

            detection = self.browser.get_page(real_url)
            data = json.loads(detection)

            if data['responseStatus'] != 200:
                raise DetectError, "Failed detecting language: %s" % data['responseDetails']

            rd = data['responseData']
            return Language(rd['language'], rd['confidence'], rd['isReliable'])

        except BrowserError, e:
            raise DetectError, "Failed detecting language (getting %s failed): %s" % (e.url, e.error)
        except ValueError, e:
            raise DetectErrro, "Failed detecting language (json failed): %s" % e.message
        except KeyError, e:
            raise DetectError, "Failed detecting language, response didn't contain the necessary data"

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