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June 12, 2009, 02:23

Peter -

Thank you - specifically for your awk and sed articles. I know this is somewhat of a comment faux paux ( asking a question about a different post ), but I am hoping you can answer a question regarding awk's word boundaries. I see you haven't answered your awk post recently so here goes:

I am trying to sort and analyze a large number of Dublin Core records for quality and statistical element usage using awk. The data is in tab-delim format and looks like this:

Title Hello Dolly
Title-Alternative hellodolly
Series Title books of marginal worth: dolly

The documentation says that Gnu AWK supports word boundaries with \. But is this really true?
When I use the pattern /\/ it pulls
"Title-Alternative" also. The documentation claims
that this should not happen. What's the real scoop?

Thanks -


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