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September 06, 2009, 23:22

Hi Peter,

I've used this library for a variety of things so I thought I would just pop in and say thanks for providing something that works well is easy to use.

I just started writing a replacement google library for my company's internal use. Like chad, I am also a huge fan of lxml for a variety of reasons. I also would like to make the library a bit more "pythonic" in general by adding smart generators so that you can iterate over results without worrying about what page they are on. I wrap your SearchResults objects already so I will probably provide a class/function hook in the constructor so can yield() instances of WhateverClass.

balcon: that 503 error is 99% likely to mean that you tried to scrape google too quickly. Bare minimum time between searches is about 10 seconds if you're doing more than 5-6 requests.



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