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July 31, 2009, 22:12

Also check out "dog". It is another alternative to nc.

If you can filter through the complaints about *people* (personal squabbles between computer scientists, complaints about "arrogance", etc.), djb's site has some very clear thinking about some *things* that really need to "reconsidered". One of those things is DNS. Despite his many admirable tools, in my opinion the best page he has on this subject is one where he describes "vapourware". I hope you can read that one.

As to the useless cat issue, you won't see this habit on the grymoire site or the sites it references. When one is being paid to optimise and gain efficiency to reduce costs, eliminating these bad habits, e.g. senseless cat usage, is a part of the job. Your article on shell line editing and history features was a good example of optimising and gaining efficiency.

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