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January 17, 2010, 02:38

Peter, Hello and my regards. I stumbled on your blog a few hours back and it has sent my mind racing ever since. You are in your mid twenties, and I guess that almost all the people who have commented on your blog belong to the same age group. Well, I turned 41 a few days back. I am an engineer by training and am working in a plant, where you can get by with occasional interactions with Office software. But I have an inner "love" for programming, and all the mathematics and algorithms that go with it. Your blog will help me turn this love into passion, and one day I will hang up my boots and work from home- reading great books on programming and mathematics and physics and... I strongly support your belief that expertise in one's chosen field is only a matter of time and effort. You can only get better and better as you practice your craft, and you will really enjoy this pursuit, the long hours, the experimentation.. The journey is the destination! Do please send me a mail to encourage me.

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