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July 31, 2009, 04:01

argv, thanks for your cool comments. I'll look into the djb's tools and see if I can write an article on them. I am well familiar with socket programming, shouldn't be a problem for me to understand them.

Xezlec and argv, I am just used to 'cat foo | prog' instead of 'prog < foo' or 'prog foo'. I am well aware of useless use of cat there. Also I like that after 'cat foo' I can forget about 'foo' altogether and only think of how 'prog' will operate on the input flow. Where as if I type 'prog < foo' or 'prog foo', I have to think about both 'foo' and how will 'prog' operate on 'foo' at the same time. It's like thinking from functional programmers point of view.

I'm neutral on the issue of useless use of cat. One day I may use it, the other I may not. And I will not get into live-or-die argument about it. It's like arguing is tabs betters than spaces. Or do you write 'char *foo' or 'char* foo' or 'char * foo'. All of them are acceptable, so just use any of them and create something cool, but be consistent.

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