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July 30, 2009, 03:02

I don't understand why people like to use cat when it's not necessary. Maybe they don't understand what cat is doing. I must agree with Xezlec. A waste of resources.

I don't understand why for many simple jobs people use perl when they could use sed. In the event it's faster, it's likely this is only because the entire file is read into memory. Is that always necesary?

Maybe users just need a better understanding of what these tools do: not just the end result, but the process.

I'd like to see PK play around with DJ Bernstein's tools, e.g. tcpclient and the rest of that suite.

Also, there netpipes, socketpipe, etc.

It's much easier to use these tools if you understand how they work. Merely knowing what they do is, in my opinion, not enough. There is a lengthy, popular, and informal tutorial on UNIX socket programming if you search around. Might be helpful to get a grasp of the basics before one starts using socat.

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