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February 25, 2009, 17:32

Personally, I wouldn't give Perl one-liners the promotion and attention
you are giving them.

That aside, it's written in a readable, relaxed style. (Good English too,
from one second-language speaker to another.) I haven't checked every
technical detail, I'll trust you to get that right.

The subject "File Spacing" is less than clear, it doesn't tell me what to expect. Even the term "double spacing" isn't quite definite, besides your meaning it also used for the practice of following the period after each sentence with two blanks.

Also, the subject is awfully narrow. If you go on at this pace it'll take dozens of articles to cover the full range of one-liners. How about extending the scope to "Whitespace Handling"? Add one-liners for, say, tab expansion, space-normalization (multiple blanks/tabs become one), word counting, you'll think of more. That would give it a clearer subject and let it cover more ground.


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