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February 16, 2010, 17:04

My experience was a nightmare....I had 2 interviews with Google. I answered correctly every question. I have 15 year of experience and I also remembered (I don’t know how :-) ) things about O(nlogn) O(n^2) and other kinds like that. I don’t know experience of Google people who make the interview but I think there are a lot of things more useful that complexities one that a person know at univertity and see on Wiki if he needs it later. I waited 3 months for an answer. I asked Google many times an’answer without nothing back. After more than 3 months, maybe because I stressed them, I had the famous mail “Thank you from Google” saying that “at the moment” I don’t fix blah blah blah. I wrote again to know WHY I’m not good for them. I sent the mail 3 weeks ago and maybe I have to wait again 3 months to have an answer. Maybe I’m simply… old for them (35) but I expected more from Google in terms of “people management”. If they treat people as a number, maybe it’s better for me not to be engaged. I’m really disappointed…
Hope you'll be more lucky.

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