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February 23, 2009, 04:47

Google is run by a bunch of young recently college graduates much like Yahoo. In fact majority of googlers are former yahoos. These young people don't have much real world experience so interviews are usually focused more on theoretical side of things.

I've worked for Yahoo, Google, Cisco, Sun, HP, and Microsoft as a software consultant for the last 15 years. But the two companies that I would not work for are Yahoo and Google if given the chance. Google is a great company, if not the best, giving all the perks that they're giving you. But their stock is declining. Its just a matter of time, Google will implode from within. Like Yahoo, too many young developers in their 20s who think they know everything. This is the reason why Yahoo declines because they have no real proven talents. It's a matter of time Google will meet the same faith as Yahoo.

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