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December 25, 2008, 08:00

I think Google sets a similar standards like Serge& Larry which is not a bad intention but how many such you'll find? even if you do why should they work for Google?. Google is not striking balance between "theoretical" and "practical" engineers. Besides the "search" all the products they have is free stuff which they are giving back to the community? (there could be a hidden agenda on this).

Based on my limited knowledge, the following are the most valuable things that they have improved on from Sergey&Larry's original Google system

GFS, Page Ranking, MapReduce - which is still sucks with unreliable server farm issues

Besides the above, what other things Google engineers invented besides Serge & larry? All world class engineers that are working for Google, are you practical or theoretical?

I agree that basic principles are must for any comp science engineer but if a person lacks and if he has sufficient practical system knowledge, its not a big deal to learn them. I mean person like you will just breeze through in few weeks with proper materials, and you'll do very well on applying those principles compared to any theoretical comp. science grad.

Besides few great engineers like Jeff Dean & Sanjay who else they have? what happened to all the other people they hired based on data structure knowledge?

You should not feel bad, Google should feel bad about you.

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