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November 25, 2008, 02:28

peter, job well done...
and I am not talking about the interview.

The way I look at it, I think the most important part of an interview is how you take it, before, during or after. And although I have only your text to understand how it all went 'during' the interview, I am sure that you certainly aced the 'after' part pretty well.

Frankly, I love to work at Google. Who doesn't, but taking a rejection so 'in your stride' is something that isn't easy. Or at least not as easy as it seems from reading this post.

For that, a Salute :)

Besides that, I believe that sometimes things happen that one can't comprehend. My friend, in my current office is going to be fired, and although she really 'loves' he company, and although now everyone knows that its probably a wrong decision, the management is something you aren't able to fight all the time. After a while, one starts accepting it as something that ;just happens' and move on.

Its always for the best...

And all the best for the next year... who knows, it might just be T. Human taking the rounds next time :)

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