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November 25, 2008, 02:06

Hey it looks like you made it pretty far!

Personally without knowing the specifics my guess is that you did everything more or less right but just weren't a shooting star. At the moment we've just slowed hiring a bit which is understandable given the current macroeconomic situation. Bad timing :(

If you want that job at Google, here's what I would do: work work work (get more experience, practice and spend time on the side with OSS projects - where you can meet more Googlers) for a year, maybe even two. Once you have a chance, try to contact the Googlers you interviewed with (and recruiters) and let them know about your plans. Tell them you're interested when they are, follow up on anything interesting you might have discussed onsite, maybe even stay in touch (without being naggy). When things are going up again at Google, be there with your packet and contact the people you were in contact with directly to express your desire to get the process started again.

IMO working for Google is worth giving it another shot; take your time and get the timing right next time then things will work out.

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