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November 24, 2008, 23:51


Mate actually I had a similar experience. I had spent a few days brushing up everything in algorithms and data structures and algorithm complexities, you name it.

I was totally dissapointed with the quality of the interview. I got picked on "one-of" errors and one of the engineers showed extreme "ingenuity" by rattling off a question I found so many times on several interview-question sites.

To me it seemed like the interviewers wanted a day off to show off how smart they were rather than trying to find out about the candidate or asking anything relevant or useful.

Ironically I thought I had sucked in the phone interview, which I was told that I had done really well and unlike other candidates they did not want to do a second phone interview before progressing to the on-site interview.

To make it all worse, my rejection letter was a standard template "you did well but not well enough". What the? Id have expected some hints at where I lacked. Nothing at all.

Well congrats to all who did get in any way :D


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