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November 24, 2008, 23:12

Given your description I'd guess they had a question about your ability to translate ideas to error-free code, or perhaps your ability to mentally test your own code. That would be why the 7th interview was all coding, and somewhat boring. You don't mention if you found the seg fault error or off by 1 error in your code or if it was pointed out to you after you stated the solution was correct. That makes a tremendous difference. Given your description I'd guess they weren't able to strongly say there is little risk of you adding subtle errros to the code base. If at the end of the day the interviewers did not strongly feel you would write error-free (as possible) code, then they would likely pass.
(Experience here might simply be getting burned by subtle errors enough to step back and really examine a solution before declaring it correct.)

Again this is just a guess from your description of the interview process.

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