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November 24, 2008, 18:07

Interesting and good experience! Can help you to get a good job somewhere else or maybe at Google another time.
Regarding potential reasons why you were not hired:
1) Choice of location. I guess in Europe the competition is slightly less and it would be easier to get in. You most probably could transfer to CA later, if you really want to.
2) Mistakes during interview. In your article you mention at least 3 mistakes you made during interviews. Too many. I occasionally need to hire some people and then this can be very crucial. If somebody makes less mistakes than others, he most probably is more serious and thinks through everything before starts doing. Can save a lot of money for company.
3) Somebody just could be better. Have more experience, more knowledge, etc. :) Not to worry, in 3-5 years you will as good experience or even better. Just keep trying! ;)

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tamal Permalink
May 16, 2015, 05:15

I would differ on this. There is a big difference between error and mistake. And a senior who has spent more years in technology will be able to judge that. The latent potential and the displayed potential is not same all the time. Many people might not commit error but there knowledge might be much lesser than one who made errors. Even after thinking also u can skip some important thing, that's not coz u don't know but that is cozu might have thought the otherway round. ONLY SOMEONE WHO IS MUCH SENIOR Will be able to judge which is due to lack of knowledge and which is just an error due to hurry.

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