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August 25, 2008, 13:59


I used Avisynth + Virtualdub + Realtime Alternative.

First I installed Realtime Alternative, then Virtualdub, and then Avisynth.

Then I created this Avisynth script for each realtime video:

file = "ocw-6.046-31oct2005-220k.rm"


I named each script like ocw01.avs, ocw02.avs, ... ocw23.avs.

Then I loaded each script one by one in Virtualdub and chose Audio -> Full Processing Mode, and selected Audio -> Compression to be mp3 at 16kbit/s.
The same for Video. Go to Video, select Full Processing Mode. Then select compression to be DivX at 230kbit/s.

Then File -> Save as AVI and save the video to ocw01.avi, then load the next .avs and save to ocw02.avi, etc.

This was time consuming but I was unable to automate it with ffmpeg.

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