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August 21, 2008, 04:47


I am just going through these lectures myself (haven't finished them yet, though). My approach is a little bit different.

Aside from traditional lecture notes, I put the information in a spaced repetition system like Mnemosyne (there are a few others but this one works great for me).

This thing tells me exactly when to review my notes. I make the flashcards on the fly as I watch the lectures.

The advantage is that I can take for example a longer break from watching the lectures (if for example you don't have time) and as long as you do your repetitions, you will be able to go back right where you left off.

I always had trouble previously because after watching 2-3 lectures, I had to interrupt for some reason or another and then start over from the beginning to make sure I remember everything.

You also have the added bonus of always keeping 90% of the knowledge in the lecture inside your head.

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