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July 26, 2008, 06:18


Really Sherlock? Wow, you're bright. Of course it's humor. And some folks have different tastes regarding humor, but I suspect maybe you didn't know that. Humor or not, it's still stupid. It's stupid because it contradicts the elements of the non-Windows systems which make them such valued OS's.

One part that I can be honest about is that I did chuckle a little when I read the lyrics of Linux taking someone a while to maintain. But it crashing? No way, sorry - unless of course, you don't know what you're doing, in which case please go back to Windows. This was my point - the lyrics of crashing don't fit and are simply not funny because they simply don't make sense. And what about Linux not being fun? That's one of the greatest parts of Linux is that it is fun, once again - *when you know what you're doing*.

That's just Linux; there's many nice features of Mac's too that are stupid and contradicted here. The only content that is correct and makes sense to sing about is content about Windows. I can pick these lyrics apart because they're idiotic. Maybe you're the type that likes 'professional' wrestling?

Maybe I should have made it clear for those like you that don't understand common English and say that I simply prefer *smart* humor.

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