I recently said on IRC that I was interviewing for a position at Google and the word spread quickly. Half a dozen people now have contacted me over email and skype and made various offers.

Let me make this clear - I'm not looking to work for anyone else than Google. I've been dreaming about working at Google for years. They're #1 company to work for in the WORLD. So stop messaging me. You're not Google.

Here's what people write:

[2008.09.07 08:41:15] Kan says: anyway, in the unlikely event Google
turns you down, just name your price and you have it. (or take googles
offer and multiply by 1.5) Best of luck :)

(Kan is co-founder of Plurk.)

Please stop wasting my time (and your own time) with your offers. I don't have time to chat with you (I'm a busy person) and I'm not interested in laptops as a signing up bonus (i can buy my own laptop if I need one). You can give me $1,000,000 and I'm still not going to work for you.

I'm only interested in working at Google because they love true hackers, and I love true hacker companies. Also they give free candy, and I only work for candy not money.

I already made it clear in my first blog post over a year ago how much I loved Google:

I love how smart they are, I love their products, I love their technology,
I love that I can make money from them, I love that I can advertise with them,
I love their tech-talk videos, I love their geek jokes, I love that they are
the best company to work for, and I love absolutely everything about them!

Thank you for your attention. I'll now redirect anyone to this page when they offer me a job position.


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