shmoocon hacker hacking videos

Here are more hacker videos (previous post was on Defcon videos). This time they are from Shmoocon hacker conference. They put out videos from 2006, 2007 and they are putting out videos from 2008 pretty soon.

Shmoocon, as they describe themselves, is an annual East coast hacker convention hell-bent on offering three days of an interesting atmosphere for demonstrating technology exploitation, inventive software & hardware solutions, and open discussions of critical infosec issues.

Here are the videos from Shmoocon 2006:

Here are the videos from Shmoocon 2007:

Here are the videos from Shmoocon 2008:

Enjoy and don't forget to comment on which videos you liked the best!


uberdude Permalink
June 25, 2008, 00:46

nice, thanks for all the vids.

June 25, 2008, 07:41

Thanks for the excellent video links mate! Respect.

July 01, 2008, 06:37

Awesome list.

Albert Permalink
July 09, 2008, 19:14

Thanks for this great list!

I was looking for h1kari's speech Intercepting Mobile PhoneGSM Traffic. But it seems to have been exchanged at the server. That file actually contained the speech Forensic Image Analysis to Recover Passwords. Then I downloaded ALL the viedos, but none of them was h1karis speech. Have anybody else experienced this? Maybe it is an evil shmoo trick...

roni sanyal Permalink
August 30, 2010, 04:19

Thank u sir for providing these videos. Could you please upload hacking videos from DEFCON? Thnx

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