I was interviewed by David Weekly recently on 2011-03-19. I copied the interview here in case David's website changes. It was an audio podcast with me and James Halliday.

Original link to the interview.

David Weekly interviews James Halliday and Peter Krumins, the CEO and CTO (respectively) of the newly-established Browserling, a browser testing firm in which David made his first angel investment. (The interview was done a mere hour after closing the round!) James describes his drive down from Alaska to the Bay Area to pursue funding for his startup and Peter describes his childhood with computers and his meeting James on IRC.

Download The David Weekly podcast with Peter Krumins and James Halliday.

Here's a pic we took on the investment day:

James Halliday, David Weekly, Peter Krumins


danny Permalink
May 25, 2013, 12:10

Hi, friend
I read your site content for the purpose of interview . I feel so cool and relax . I feel confidence in myself.

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